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The Office of Research and Development (ORD) is tasked with the responsibility to manage NSYSU's research activities. ORD provides support for campus-wide research efforts, advocates for research needs and resources, and promotesthe contributions of NSYSU's research globally.

ORD is responsible for

  • Proposing university’s five-year development plan.

  • Managing projects funded by government agencies.

  • Integrating the resources in the university and launching special projects.

  • Providing financial support for research and academic exchange activities.

  • Conducting internal evaluations of departments, institutes and Research Centers.

  • Proposing and monitoring the use of R&D capital expenditure and hardware infrastructure.

  • Providing administrative support and assistance for visiting scholars and post-doctoral programs.

  • Overseeing campus compliance with government and university regulations pertaining to research.

The Office of Research and Development is composed of six administrative units as the organization chart below indicates.





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