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Applied Chemistry

The First Aerosol Science Research Center in Asia for PM2.5 Study and Control

NSYSU has excellent research in environmental sciences, and it established the first Aerosol Science Research Center in Asia to further study and control the effects related to PM2.5. The center provides a platform for the exchange of ideas and cooperation around the fundamental science of PM2.5 issues. The Center will also proactively promote the academia-industry collaboration, strengthen the connections with domestic industry, and encourage a circular economy and value creation related to aerosol science.

Development of Green Technologies for Polluted-land Restoration

Dr. Chih-Ming Kao, Chair Professor of the Institute of Environmental Engineering, developed a series of innovative green substrates to enhance the bioremediation efficiency of polluted lands with long-lasting, biodegradable, cost-effective, and efficient characteristics.


Rapid Screening Research Center for Toxicology and Biomedicine (RSRCTB)

Professor Jentaie Shiea of the Department of Chemistry led a team that established the Rapid Screening Research Center for Toxicology and Biomedicine. Rapid screening technology components include Ambient Mass Spectrometry, Spectroscopy, Electrochemistry, Immunoassays, Microfluid Devices, Nanomaterials, Synthetic Polymers, and Graphene. Ambient Mass Spectrometry technology can be applied in diagnosing food safety in only three seconds. Other applications are for Residual Pesticides, Abused Drugs and Narcotics, Explosives, Disease Biomarkers, Environmental Hormons, and Chemical and Biological Toxins.