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Electrical Engineering and Materials Science

The World-leading Research of Multi-Gbps Smartphones for 5G/B5G Communications

Dr. Kin-lu Wong, National Chair Professor of Department of Electrical Engineering and his team established the cutting-edge research center: Massive MIMO Antenna System Research Center (MMASRC) for developing the next generation (5G) mobile phones. Their research topics include MIMO array techniques in smartphones, RF techniques in smartphones, and Baseband techniques for low-cost MIMO signal processing solutions. The research published by the Center have gained world-class recognition and ranked first in number of publications and citations during the period of 2005-2015.


Outstanding Innovations of Real-time Non-contact Vital Signs Monitoring Technology

Professor Tzyy-Sheng Horng of the Department of Electrical Engineering innovated potable radar to remotely and precisely detect the physiological conditions like heartbeat, pulse, and breath of animals and human beings. Among the useful applications of portable radar are to effectively control the quality of dairy products, as well as for the care of babies, care of elders, or those who need the long-term medical care. The transferring value of his innovations is more than 2.0 million U.S. dollars.


Distinguished Crystal Growth Research Driving the Development of Biomedical Science


Crystalline material is a national tactical resource, and the growth of crystal is also an important way to explore this novel material. NSYSU has the largest crystal growth laboratory in Taiwan supported by MOST. The research team led by Chair Professor Ming-Chi Chou at Department of Materials and Optoelectronic Science won many awards and earned distinguished academic reputation. Their research results can be applied in biomedical fields like laser, optics, and medical imaging. The total value of technology transfer is more than 2.0 million US dollars. Three local companies developed from this lab, and the total investment capital is more than 20 million U.S. dollars.