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2019/06 Graphene Oxide Doughs and Clean Energy

Graphene Oxide Doughs and Clean Energy


Dr. Chun-Hu Chen, associate professor from the Department of Chemistry at National Sun Yat-sen University led an international research team, collaborating with Jiaxing Huang’s group at Northwestern University, has successfully achieved using "graphene oxide dough" for water splitting, a critical technology to treat water as a battery to store green energy. Their research accomplishment was published in the high-profile international journal, Nature Communications, in 2019.

The team has converted graphene oxide materials into a highly cohesive dough state, named as graphene oxide dough. This dough carries much higher contents of graphene oxide than the previous examples and allows free shaping, sizing, and reconnecting. The features of the dough are similar to the clay that kids play. The products of graphene oxide dough with such features can solve the problem of long-distance transportation and storage in a more efficient cost for the graphene industry. Compared to the past, the graphene oxide dough can much lower the cost to 1/500 of other products.

Dr. Chen and his team would keep working on the breakthrough technologies of water splitting and the future possibility of flexible electronics and devices for the green energy industry. (Written by National Sun Yat-sen University)



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