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2023 Outstanding Research Award

National Sun Yat-sen University proudly announces that Distinguished Professor Chun-Tuan Chang from the Department of Business Management has been awarded the 2023 Outstanding Research Award in Marketing by the National Science and Technology Council (NSTC).

Professor Chang's research primarily focuses on consumer behavior. This includes not only product consumption but also prosocial behaviors such as charitable giving and green behaviors. Through the integration of psychological theories and experimental design, she seeks explaining the mechanisms behind purchase and consumption behaviors. In recent years, Professor Chang has innovated her experimental designs, incorporating field experiments and objective physiological response measurements, as well as utilizing secondary data for empirical research. These enhance the external validity of her studies. Her findings, published in top-tier marketing journals, introduce and validate highly original topics within consumer behavior. They offer interpretations of consumer behaviors in various marketing environments, aiding businesses and non-profit organizations in better understanding consumer psychology.

Professor Chang's academic achievement has gained widespread recognition, including the Yushan Academic Award, selection as one of Asia's Top 100 Marketing Scholars, and the Misumi Award from the Asian Association of Social Psychology. Moreover, her extensive research in cause-related marketing has led to an invitation from the Harvard Business Review to serve as a corporate mentor, encouraging more companies to engage in cause-related marketing. Professor Chang believes that the essential mission of a scholar is "to benefit society with knowledge derived from society," a commitment that is exemplified by her receiving the NSTC's Outstanding Research Award, highlighting her dedication to applying academic insights for better societal welfare.

Out of 86 national recipients of the 2024 NSTC's Outstanding Research Award, Professor Chang is the sole awardee in the field of Marketing, a testament to her brilliant research performance. This distinction marks a new chapter in the history of National Sun Yat-sen University's research excellence.

The National Science and Technology Council's Outstanding Research Award is designed to recognize talents of science and technology whose research achievements are exceptional, encouraging long-term engagement in basic or applied research to raise up our country's academic research standards and international status, drive societal development and industrial application benefits, and enhance national technological strength. Applicants must not only qualify as principal investigators of the NSTC-funded research projects but also demonstrate academic originality or significant academic value in basic research, or innovative, forward-looking technology in applications that significantly contribute to economic, social, public welfare, environmental sustainability, and industrial benefits, improving human life with knowledge and technology.

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