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Congratulations to 2023 Winners of Ta-You Wu Memorial Award

Congratulations to 2023 Winners of Ta-You Wu Memorial Award

The National Science and Technology Commission recently announced the winners of the 2023 Wu Ta-You Memorial Award. Three young scholars at National Sun Yat-sen University, Professor Liao Zi-xian from the Institute of Medical Science and Technology, Associate Professor Hsieh Hsu-Sheng, the Institute of Public Affairs Management, and Associate Professor Luo Jing-wen, the Department of Chinese Language and Literature, have excellent research potential in their respective fields and earned this prestigious award.

Professor Liao Zi-xian's research team combines biotechnology, nanomaterial science, and viral systems to develop nano-modified immunotherapies, improved viral delivery systems, photodynamic therapies, and tumor microenvironment-controlling nanoparticles for clinical cancer and tumor treatment. Their research findings have been published in international journals. The related technologies in viral modification research were granted patents in Taiwan, Japan, and China. In the coming years, this technology of nano-modified viruses could be widely applied to various clinical genetically-related diseases, extending or enhancing the efficacy of drugs and treatment methods. This advancement significantly increases the feasibility of viral applications in clinical settings, promoting the advancement of cancer and tumor treatments.

Associate Professor Hsieh Hsu-Sheng from the Institute of Public Affairs Management innovates the research of urban transportation with psychological and sociological theories, exploring strategies to guide the sustainable and human-centered development of transportation in Taiwan. His research includes designing strategies to enhance acceptance of congestion charges and change habits of vehicle usage, incorporating psychological and behavioral strategies, and conducting social experiments to evaluate and implement these strategies. Additionally, he addresses transportation vulnerabilities that have become more prominent during the pandemic and researches sustainable transportation integration strategies. His future work aims to study how Taiwan's transportation can align with environmental sustainability and social inclusivity.

Associate Professor Luo Jiing-Wen from the Department of Chinese Literature primarily researches classical novels from the Ming and Qing dynasties, folk literature, and Sino-Vietnamese classical literature. He focuses on various heterogeneous messages within narrative literature, phenomena that are distinct from the mainstream and obscured subjects, and their interaction with social and cultural phenomena. In recent years, he examines communication and reflections among individuals of different nationalities, communities, and statuses, exploring collective cognition, group memory, and mass mentality implicit in these interactions. He also investigates the transfer, transformation, and recombination of certain concepts, as well as the multifaceted intersections of various values within specific historical and social contexts. His goal is to uncover the diverse aspects and profound implications of Taiwanese folk literature, cultural beliefs, and modern Sino-Vietnamese classical works.

The Ta-You Wu Memorial Award is an honorary prize for young scholars in Taiwan. Established in 2002 by the National Science and Technology Council to commemorate Ta-You Wu 's contributions to scientific and technological research, the award encourages Taiwan's academic elites to engage in long-term research. Each year, the award is given to scholars under the age of 42 with outstanding academic performance. In year of 2023, a total of 45 youth scholars received this award.

National Sun Yat-sen University consistently has youth scholars receiving this award, indicating the university's accumulated strength in academic research. In recent years, the University's academic performance in world university rankings has propelled it to the top fourth place among the universities in Taiwan.

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